Hi, I’m Jake Scheideler the owner and creator of NebraskaTok. I am a sports enthusiast that creates content for Nebraska High School Athletes.

Mission: My story is short and sweet and very familiar to a lot of athletes and parents alike. NebraskaTok was created out of the frustration that way too many great athletes were being overlooked at smaller schools in Nebraska. There are literally thousands of athletes around Nebraska, yet all the attention went to the handful of stars.


Why do you do NebraskaTok?

♬ original sound – NebraskaTok


What is NebraskaTok? Why do I do NebraskaTok? #nebraskatok

♬ original sound – NebraskaTok


I create a lot of content weekly for NebraskaTok and it’s not even my full-time job. Here’s how…

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NebraskaTok Sock Drive

There are two main reasons socks are among the most valuable piece of clothing to people without permanent housing. For one, feet work overtime when there’s no cozy home and laundry room to return to each night. The other reason is that socks and underwear aren’t often donated or, when they are, the goods can’t be sanitized and put to use.

If you put yourself in someone else’s shoes, you can see how clean, warm socks are a true value.


NebraskaTok will be giving back by donating socks when these high school football players succeed on the field. #nebpreps #nebraskatoksocks

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KGFW – Nebraska High School Football Preview Show

Ah, yes! I am on the radio every week on the KGFW- Nebraska High School Football Preview Show with Austin Jacobsen and Ford Clark. We have a lot of fun with predictions, breaking down Kearney Bearcats and Kearney Catholic Stars, picking underdogs and much more.


Sideline Fun

I have met some of the best people in the media industry and I have a blast on the sidelines.