I am extremely dedicated with a deep-seated love of small school sports whose common goal is to showcase and promote players from Nebraska Class C and D Schools in as many media outlets as possible for FREE.

My story is short and sweet and very familiar to a lot of athletes and parents alike. NebraskaTok was created out of the frustration that way too many great athletes were being overlooked and not receiving the HYPE they deserve. It all started with a TikTok Highlight and the rest is history!

Jake Scheideler

I am the creator of NebraskaTok. I am a husband and father. I have the love for sports. I played ball for a small school called Wymore Southern. Feel free to reach out to me on anything.

I don’t charge anything for my service to HYPE up these small town athletes. I spend hours researching, watching sports, editing, making voice overs and more. Here is how you can show support: