Sock Drive

Dakota Coon- Fremont

Dakota Coon from Fremont in 2022 contributed to the sock drive. Socks purchased was delivered to the Fremont HUB supporting low income Fremont youth. Dakota bought extra due to his injury, only allowing him to play 1.25 games last year. NebraskaTok matched the donation.

He also supported in style with a NebraskaTok hat on.

Jake with NebraskaTok challenged players to a fundraiser in 2021. Turning Tackles and Touchdowns into Warm Toes.


NebraskaTok will be giving back by donating socks when these high school football players succeed on the field. #nebpreps #nebraskatoksocks

♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

There are two main reasons socks are among the most valuable piece of clothing to people without permanent housing. For one, feet work overtime when there’s no cozy home (and laundry room) to return to each night. The other reason is that socks and underwear aren’t often donated or, when they are, the goods can’t be sanitized and put to use.

If you put yourself in someone else’s shoes (no pun intended), you can see how clean, warm socks are a true treasure.

Many people are surprised to hear that socks are the least-donated clothing items and yet the most in-demand for needy locals. The combination seems obvious, but it doesn’t occur to most donors. That is how NebraskaTok’s Socks came about.

Gage Griffith – Aurora

Quade Myers – Dundy County Stratton

Kamden Dusatko – Stanton


Jake with NebraskaTok and Kamden Dusatko from Stanton use the game of football to give back.

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Jake and Kamden purchasing socks
Kamden Dusatko donating socks to Bright Horizons

All proceeds from this T-Shirt will go towards purchasing socks for NebraskaTok’s Socks Drive.