Dakota Coon Joins NebraskaTok’s Sock Drive

Dakota will be a senior this year at Fremont. He plays OL/DL for the Tigers. Last year, he participated in the sock drive and enjoyed giving back to his community.

There are two main reasons socks are among the most valuable piece of clothing to people without permanent housing. For one, feet work overtime when there’s no cozy home (and laundry room) to return to each night. The other reason is that socks and underwear aren’t often donated or, when they are, the goods can’t be sanitized and put to use.

If you put yourself in someone else’s shoes (no pun intended), you can see how clean, warm socks are a true treasure.

Many people are surprised to hear that socks are the least-donated clothing items and yet the most in-demand for needy locals. The combination seems obvious, but it doesn’t occur to most donors. That is how NebraskaTok’s Socks came about.

NebraskaTok’s goal is to allow athletes to build character and be involved with other experiences off the field or court.

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