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You are listening to Prep Running Nerd Sports Show on NebraskaTok Radio. I’m Jake Scheideler from NebraskaTok and I have here with me Jay Slagle of Prep Running Nerd. Here is what you can expect to listen to.

Jay Slagle from Prep Running Nerd recaps the 2022 season. He talks about Top Individual returners.

  • List Your Top Individual Returners
    • 1:  Class A stars: Mia Murray, Stella Miner, Claire White, Kaitlyn Swartz
    • 2:  Class B – Kassidy Stuckey, Ella Ford, Ellie Thomas, Atlee Wallman, Kendall Zavala
    • 3:  Class A – Juan Gonzalez, Jack Witte, Denny Chapman, Max Myers and Isaac Ochoa 
    • 4: Class B – Riley Boonstra, Braden Lofquest, Tommy Rice, Austin Carrera – and anyone on the Lexington team – including a freshman

Jay Slagle gives his first shoutout of the season and NebraskaTok’s Jake Scheideler said he will challenge himself to study Prep Running Nerd’s Newsletter for future shows and give. Shoutout.

Slagle wraps it up talking about where the 19 Nerds will be this season.

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